As for Asia, Thailand is probably one of the most attractive Asian countries, different from all others, and Bangkok, in turn, is one of the most interesting and exciting capitals of the world. Independent and isolated Japan with its sake and sushi, samurais and judo, excites the imagination. Tokyo is a fashionable and charming town of experiments. Sultry and spirited Brazil surprises us with its carnivals and rhythmic sambas. And Rio de Janeiro continues to surprise us with its picturesque views and romantic soap operas. Hot Spain, whose characters are invariably bullfights and a passionate Paso Doble will not let us forget about itself. Barcelona is a city of the spectacular football and beautiful women. Ultra fashionable and aristocratic Italy, except for being the capital of the fashion world and tanned beauties, attracts by its fascinating nature and beautiful architectural monuments. As well as Rome is the city, where of course meet all the roads of the world. Chocolate and dangerous Africa. Mysterious Egypt, famous for its pyramids and the Great Nile. Cairo is one of the most mystical cities. Snowy and proud Canada is a homeland of hockey and stunning resorts. Vancouver is one of the largest port cities, also featuring better education. Exciting and cordial Argentina gave us a temperament tango and a delicious mate. Buenos Aires is the city of the most beautiful poetry and sentimental series.

We can talk about all the countries of the world, each has its symbolic features, so that you only have to choose which country to visit and give your heart forever.